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Chiropody - Podiatry Treatments

Relief for aching, tired and painful feet

Feet can often be forgotten when it comes to caring for your body, but it's important to keep them healthy too.  When your feet are in pain it can affect the way you walk, and therefore your joints and back.

Some conditions of the feet are inherited or caused by illness and ageing.  However, many avoidable problems are caused by simple care issues such as wearing properly fitting footwear and keeping your toenails clipped properly.

Chiropodists (or podiatrists) are skilled practitioners who can diagnose and treat foot and lower limb conditions and infections, with an emphasis on prevention and rehabilitation.

You might benefit from seeing a chiropodist if you suffer from:


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  • Osteo or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Corns, bunions, callus or chilblains
  • Toe deformities and the need for prevention from getting worse
  • Illnesses such as diabetes or gout
  • Common problems such as ingrown toenails and sweaty feet

If you're over 60, foot care is especially important as joints are less supple and feel the cold.  Perhaps you're pregnant or a new mum and your feet have been suffering due to all the extra weight.  If you have diabetes taking care of your feet is particularly important to avoid the danger of gangrene developing and amputation being required.

If you need to correct the way you walk your chiropodist can prescribe the right insoles (orthotics) and this can relieve aches and pains in other areas of your body.

Whatever your foot care problems, you can get relief by seeing the chiropodist at the Cedars Practice call:

01883 344301

To make an appointment.