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Do you need to restore your body to health?

If you want to rid yourself of aches and pains, rejuvenate and get your body back in balance the natural way, then there are a number of ways the Cedars Osteopathic and Natural Health Practice can help.

At the Cedars Practice, you can:


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The Cedars Practice works specifically to encourage your body's natural ability to heal itself by specialising in Osteopathy, Physiotherapy Rehabilitation, Sports/ Remedial Massage, Acupuncture and Chiropody/ Podiatry alongside a variety of specific Complementary Therapies such as Homeopathy and Reflexology.

These therapies treat the body as a whole, ensuring the skeleton, muscles and joints are functioning well together, and avoid or reduce the use of drugs or surgery, where possible.

You can discuss your problems with qualified professionals, who will tailor a course of treatment specifically for your needs. You can get advice about rehabilitation techniques and self-help measures that will help to prevent recurrence of your problem.

Explore the treatments available or call us to make an appointment to see a friendly professional.

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Take the first step on the road back to health and vitality.

What to Expect from Your Osteopath’ and ‘Standards of Osteopathic Care’ are  leaflets which are available from the General Osteopathic Council.