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Cranial Osteopathy Treatments

Restore your body's natural rhythm

Keeping your body balanced for optimum health is the fundamental theory behind many of the treatments at the Cedars Practice, and one way you can achieve this is through a specialised form of osteopathy.

Cranial osteopathy does not just concern the head, but uses very gentle manipulative pressure to encourage the release of stress throughout the body. Cranial osteopaths are trained to identify tensions in the body via subtle rhythmical shape changes between the cranial bones. This is called 'cranial rhythm' or 'involuntary motion'. Tension in the body disrupts this rhythm, and by restoring cranial rhythm the flow of spinal fluid to nerves is improved, therefore improving the body's metabolism and functionality.

At the Cedars Practice there are specially trained cranial osteopaths who provide specialist Osteopathic care for a range of infant and childhood related conditions.

Please call to speak to one of our fully qualified practitioners for further details.


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As it is a very gentle treatment, cranial osteopathy is often used for babies and children.  You can take advantage of the specialist Children's Clinic to find out more about how osteopathy can help your child or see our Pregnancy and Children's leaflet.

If you would like to talk to a specialist about cranial osteopathy or think it might be useful for you, please feel free to call on:

01883 344301